Dear Friends of Catholic Education;

                             It all started when my own children started school and I wanted to help as a parent volunteer. I soon became known as the "hotdog lady" of St. Vincent School. It was not a big job but I did so love going into the school to help where I could for the children. At this time I also became very involved with Guiding, as a Brown Owl, so we could have another pack and my girls could join. In 1980 I decided to try to help more and ran for trustee. It has always been rewarding for me to work on behalf of the children in all our schools. In 30 years we have grown from just under 10,000 students to nearly 30,000. With all this growth we must never lose sight of why we exist --- the children!!!
                            For all these years it has and remains my passion to see each child reach his or her full potential. They all have gifts and talents and as a system we must all work to see goals reached. To be able to visit schools and go on field trips and talk to students and parents keeps me up to date on the things going on in each school. I have grown myself by being part of the United Way Board, The Canadian Education Board, and the Ontario Catholic School Trustees Association Board. All these affiliations, as a representative of our Board, has given me insight to what is happening in other areas in education.  Over the years I have spoken out on behalf of Special Education and the needs of identified students, and my other big push has always been the apprenticeship programs for those students who wish to learn a trade. We have come a long way with the Halton Industry Education Council and recently the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Programs.
                           I am always ready and able to listen to students, parents and ratepayers to address their concerns and make sure they receive answers to their questions. At the board table we are 9 trustees with very different concerns and backgrounds. It takes a great deal of cooperation to work together for all the children across Halton. It is necessary to put aside a personal agenda and work with staff, and ministry officials for the children. The main role of a trustee is to set policy and then the director and staff put these policies in motion. In other words the board sets the "What" and the Director and his staff set the "How".
                          Some may ask why I still put my name forward and the answer in easy. It has always been my passion for the children. First my own and now my Grandchildren and all the other children out there. So once again I ask for your support on October 25th.
                                                                                                                   God Bless!!!!
                                                                                                                   Alice Anne LeMay